Monday, May 30, 2011

Superfocus Procedure

Okay, alot of my friends have been curious about this. Basically throughout all my life I always been feeling somewhat drained of energy. Around summer 2010 my low energy got to a point where I became so disappointed in myself that I was ready to drop out of school. I have big dreams yet I never had the energy to accomplish them. I thought I had ADHD with my Autism Aspergers-the tester I went to told me I did not have it. She suggested Neurofeedback-we did T3-T4 and it didn't feel like much of an effect. Next week we did T3-T4 and T4-Fp2 and I had my first encounter of superfocus-a state of enhanced energy and performance. Long story short the sf back then made my highly impulsive and I could not sleep as well as other side effects. T3-Fp1 took away the impulsiveness, T4-P4 improved math abilities.

After a while I noticed the frequency I trained at tend to stay between 0.3-0.4. My whole brain seemed to be unique in this regard that it likes the frequency very low. I setup biannual beat generation program called SBaGEN to procedure beats at 0.35 the average-my brain reentered sf within an hour.

If you use this procedure there is no guarantee you will get this, even if you have autism since each case of autism differs for each person-what stimulates your brain may be at a different frequency. The problem is if stimulate it-my initial sf was very dangerous-I was very impulsive and said and perhaps did things that I did not mean to do-I could only sleep for 3 hours at a time and had to take plenty of melatonin tablets even for that. There could be other side effects-before the beat generator while using neurofeedback-the day after I would enter a period of either depression or panic, it would last 52 hours from my training then I would enter sf. Those panic attacks went away after training C4 and be replaced by something I will not say, that which was eliminated by training T4-C4. T3-P3 training would make my panic attacks last all the time and made my sf last for only a few hours-training T3-T5 (and later with T4-T6 after) restored it. In summary, even if you find your frequency your sf may be useless without neurofeedback to train your mind-specifically T3-Fp1 and T4-P4. That is my experience, I give no warranty to the usefulness of this information and I feel it would apply to my brain with it's unique case of Autism and it might be dangerous to others without training with neurofeedback. I place this information on this blog in hopes that this technique could be refined into a science by others.

Download SBaGEN from here
Copy this text portion into a file with a name ending in .sbg
-Wo output.wav
ts1: 300+0.35/100
0:00 ts1

Write out the file to a .wav (read the instructions to SBaGEN-I will not give help).

Entering Superfocus
I play the file usually with vlc on Windows 7. VLC runs at 50% and the Windows volume control is set at 44%. Place the computer at equal distances from the left and the right walls (best to play it in a square room). This is important as the file should be loud enough for both ears to feel like there getting the same beat. I DO NOT use headphones, I always hear a distinct ringing in my left ear-not sure if it's just me but I tried swapping the ear buds, same thing. The point of this is to be entranced-that is you stare off into space like a zombie while the music is playing.

Play the file and try to keep your mind clear, to be entranced by the music for 24 minutes.

You should enter it in one hour and should feel the full effects an hour or two after that.

Exiting Superfocus
I need to exit superfocus to sleep. I use relaxing rhythms biofeedback software and system to do that. I play the breathing tree exercise first on my left hand. Then again on my right hand. Then I play the boat exercise on my right hand then again on my left hand. I do not know why but it is important that you practice equally on both hands or the sf may not work the next day
Healing Rhythms from the Wild Divine Project (This may be the bundle back that includes Relaxing Rhythms, or it may not-I may no guarantees.)

Good news. I found that playing 3.0 for 24 minutes terminates the superfocus and also leaves more relaxed, more engaged and in a better mood then the biofeedback machine. I now use the 3.5 to enter sf and 3.0 to exit. Unlike 3.5 which requires specific placement and to be played out loud this can be listened to on headphones.

I still recommend the biofeedback system as it is how I first learned to enter sf on my own-I gained that ability after the Japan tsunami and lost after the next training session, gaining an incredible headache and having alot of my training reversed. Those with Aspergers are recommended by the book "An Introduction to Neurofeedback and it's applications" to use neurofeedback and biofeedback together to train themselves away from ruminating patterns.


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