Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is Freedom Software?

In a nutshell Free Software. I call it that because i'm sick of explaining how to make money off 'Free' Software. You can make a very successful business off Freedom Software.

Yes, code should be free. Yet with something you can't sell like speech, it makes sense to call it free. Doesn't mean it works with tangible objects... or things we define as things even thou is a form of speech, or copyrightable expression.

Free Art! Free Manuals! Free Kittens!
Free Art for sale! Free Instruction Manuals for sale! Free Kittens for sale!
Doesn't work.

When you call it freedom it has a different cultural meaning for Americans. I admire Richard Stallman very much but I have been saying it around abit and I feel it has momentum.

Plus it's a pun on Freedom Fries.


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