Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bad MySql Tutorials - Don't teach me an out of date interface!


There are two interfaces for php-mysql... and i've been using the older, slower, not designed for php one.

All the tutorials I found were for the older one. :-/

Plus there is this fine note in addition.
With versions of PHP 5.3 and newer, you can alternatively use the new MySQL Native Driver with mysqli. This gives a number of benefits over using libmysql.
To use MySQL Native Driver with mysqli you need to configure the PHP source code using the --with-mysqli=mysqlnd option, prior to building PHP.
This is the recommended option, as using the MySQL Native Driver results in improved performance and gives access to features not available when using the MySQL Client Library. Refer to What is PHP's MySQL Native Driver? for a brief overview of the advantages of MySQL Native Driver.

--- update---
Here's a nice tutorial

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